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Hello! Welcome to the team of the NGO "Ukraine needs you", we invite you to familiarize with our activities. Our motto is: "Never let yourself think that YOU are nobody, each of us is the universe! Ukraine needs you! "

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  3. Сertificate of non-profit.

You can join the Organization by filling out the online form and / or by submitting an application in paper form in accordance with this form. In case of questions and suggestions as to the establishment of branches in other cities and regions of Ukraine, contact us at the e-mail address: office@uny.org.ua or call +380505304977, Liliia Virovkina.
The history of the organization: The NGO "UKRAINE NEEDS YOU" as a volunteer movement was founded in Donetsk in 2014. In Donetsk the movement began with the activities of Liliia Virovkina (now the Chairman of the Board) and several persons, and was aimed at the release of persons who were captured by the so-called "DNR". At first, this was only voluntary and free legal aid, first and foremost, for those people who were stranded and affected by military aggression. Online support was provided at the expense of the group in VK  (currently it does not function).
The registration of the Organization was held in 2015 in Ivano-Frankivsk, where L.V. Virovkina, V. O. Genutius-Pastushenko and other members had moved. In 2015 the organization name was «YOU ARE NEEDED». The head of our organization is Liliia Virovkina.
The founders of the organizationZubasheva Svitlana Viktorivna, an internally displaced person from the Crimea, who has got the title "Heroine - Mother", given by the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 260 of May 8, 2015. She is a mother of five children, a mother of a disabled child (certificate no. 58 of 10.10.2014 is attached).  Virovkina Liliia Volodymyrivna, an internally displaced person from Donetsk, a lawyer by profession. Shutenko Yurii Yevhenovych, an internally displaced person from Luhansk region, a father with many children, a father of the adopted children.
In 2017 the public organization was restarted: the legal address was changed to Dnipro city; the participants of the organization became not only internally displaced persons, but also local residents. The organization has changed its name to a national one "UKRAINE NEEDS YOU". At present, the members of the organization are the representatives of 6 regions: Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Zakarpattia, Sumy regions.
Goals / mission and directions of the organization: The aims of the organization «UKRAINE NEEDS YOU» are promotion of the realization of rights and freedoms by individuals and legal entities in Ukraine, first of all, protection of rights, freedoms and interests of vulnerable parts of the population; promotion of European integration of Ukraine and adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to European Union legislation.
The goals of the Organization: 1.Promotion of the protection of human rights in Ukraine, first of all protection of rights, freedoms and interests of vulnerable parts of the population, namely: persons from large, low-income, single-parent families; children deprived of parental care; older persons; disabled persons and persons, who care about them; trafficked persons and those who suffer from domestic violence; victims of anti-terrorist operation (further ATO), including internally displaced persons (further IDP) and participants/veterans of ATO (war veterans, volunteers etc.) and other vulnerable categories of people in Ukraine.
2.Promotion to address the issue of discrimination in society on the grounds of race, color, political, religious and other beliefs, ethnic and social origin, property, place of residence, language and other features, including gender inequality.
3.Promotion of the integration of the Roma and other ethnic groups, living in Ukraine, into society; consultative, social, psychological, cultural, legal and other assistance.
4.Assistance to citizens, primarily to youth in recreational, vocational guidance, employment, talent development, as well as assistance in conducting researches in different spheres (technique, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry etc.).
5.Supporting the educational reform process (all levels) in Ukraine, introducing non-formal education, creating favorable conditions for the attraction of young specialists in rural areas, holding national exchanges between educational institutions of Ukraine and other countries.
6.Protection and realization of the electoral rights of different sectors of the population, promotion of holding state and local elections independently, impartially and based on accessibility.
7.Supporting the nationwide anti-corruption process (actions to prevent and detect corruption in state bodies, local self-government bodies, educational establishments etc.). Increasing the independence of judges, their protection against any effect, including the political one.
8.Supporting the national reform process in medicine, promoting the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation in this field to the requirements of the European Union, patients’ rights protection, the national program to control the spread of such diseases as HIV and tuberculosis.
9.Supporting the national reform process in the field of decentralization and local government, adaptation of Ukrainian legislation in this field to the requirements of the European Union.
10.The establishment and successful operation of associations co-owners in multi-apartment buildings.
11.Supporting the national reform process in increasing the level of energy efficiency, energy conservation in all areas of society and promoting the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation in this field to the requirements of the European Union.
12.Promoting the environmental protection, protection of animals and natural landscapes from negative human impact, pollution, promotion of green tourism.
13.Support for agricultural development and creation of attractive living conditions in rural areas of Ukraine.
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