Advocacy of the NGO «UKRAINE NEEDS YOU» as to the settlement of internally displaced persons in the dormitories, that were repaired in Dnipro city for this purpose and financed by the EU Representation.

Oct 2016

According to the project, in 2016 internally displaced people of Dnipro city and partially of the Dnipropetrovsk region had to settle in social dormitories that had been repaired at the expense of the EU Representation.

But this did not happen, the dormitories were empty, and our NGO “UKRAINE NEEDS YOU”, as the Organization, that had been founded by the settlers, decided to promote the people’s settlement.

The NGO “UKRAINE NEEDS YOU” sent some letters of request to people’s deputies of Ukraine, various central authorities, law enforcement agencies on the situation with 4 dormitories, located in Dnipro city. The investigation had begun..

Our organization initiated an investigation into the situation by the journalists “Mythical repair”. What happened to European money?”

Our organization submitted a petition to the President of Ukraine:
provided interviews and reports.

The member of the NGO “UKRAINE NEEDS YOU” Ihor Belanov participated in the program, which was devoted to the situation with the dormitories repaired at the expense of the EU.

At present, with the joint efforts of the NGO “UKRAINE NEEDS YOU” and the Dnipro city council, some internally displaced persons have been settled in 2 of the four dormitories located in Architectural street and Pikhtovyi alley.
We specify that for settlement it is necessary to be registered. Records are kept: Shevchenko street 11, room 17. The office for the ATO participants and IDP of Department of Social Policy, tel. (056) 745-00-68; +38(068) 665-77-90; +38(073) 456-08-76.
Internally displaced persons are planning to refuse from 2 other dormitories because they are not suitable for residence and cannot be repaired because of significant technical problems.

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