Project «Ombudsman for women’s rights in the media» supported by Ukrainian Women’s Fund.

Nov 2018

From August 2018 to December 2018, the NGO “Ukraine needs you” supported by Ukrainian Women’s Fund was implementing the project «Ombudsman for women’s rights in the media». The initiator of this project was Hanna Motorina.

The main objective of the project is mainstreaming the issue of women’s rights, gender equality, ways of protecting from gender and sexual violence and other issues in the media. During the project, 18 participants were trained in text writing, practice of presentation in front of the camera. They reviewed legal aspects of the protection of women’s rights, took training courses on public speaking.

According to the results of the project, the participants presented their own materials in the protection of women (articles, speeches, blogs, etc.).
Professional discrimination against women is true or a myth? (Russian language)

Obstetric aggression or women’s rights in medicine

What was the victim’s wear – is it important?

On 2 November 2018 there was the participation in the morning broadcast on channel 51 «Morning cocktail», where one of the participants Liudmyla Shamrai read the part of her story, that had been «born» during this project.

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