Forum of NGOs “Problems of Implementation of Integration Strategy of Internally Displaced Persons” and preparation of a joint document

Dec 2018

On 12 December 2019 in Dnipro  The Forum “Problems of implementation of Integration Strategy of Internally Displaced Persons” took place.

The purpose of the event is preparing the systematic document to address the key issues faced by the settlers in all regions of Ukraine and its further presentation to central authorities “Evaluation of the results of the implementation of the Strategy for the Integration of Internally Displaced Persons and the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Strategy, prepared by IDP NGOs (list of organizations attached) with the support of UNDP in Ukraine in the framework of the analysis of the state of protection of the rights and interests of IDPs in Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk regions”.

The event was organized by the NGO “Ukraine needs you”, the Civil Society Union “Stronger together “, and the UNDP Development Program in Ukraine. The representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission also participated in the forum.
“The participants from all over Ukraine met to discuss the Integration Strategy of IDPs in different regions, the implementation of housing programs, to systematize information and prepare a joint document, whose presentation is scheduled for February 2019,” said Yevhen Kuznetsov, UNDP Specialist on Social Integrity in Ukraine.

The co-authors of the joint document will be each of the 30 organizations whose representatives took part in the forum, and other organizations that will provide their suggestions.

“We plan to present the material developed by the public to the central authorities and international organizations, so that they will use it in decision-making. This will be the first document prepared by the member organizations, using own information “from the fields”, because most of these regional organizations do not have any access to the media and their own resources for the publication of the received practice / materials, “said Liliia Virovkina, the head of the NGO “Ukraine needs you” and the Civil Society Union “Stronger together “.

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