Project “Two Cossacks – Three Hetmans”

Jan 2021
From August 5 to November 2, 2020, the NGO “Ukraine you need” implemented the project “Two Cossacks – three hetmans” with the support of IF “Renaissance”. During the project, two one-day trainings were held in Kyiv and Odesa for future trainers from all over Ukraine.

We set ourselves the goal of selecting and training future specialists from all over Ukraine a new concept of legal education in the form of an interactive game (“Two Cossacks – three hetmans”). With the help of our theoretical and practical tools, future trainers have the opportunity to regularly conduct similar trainings in their communities and conduct the following:
1. to encourage citizens of Ukraine to go to the polls and cast their votes, to become election observers, members of election commissions, etc .;
2. motivate and teach candidates to run in elections, provide them with practical experience of presenting themselves and campaigning for themselves, which will not violate the law or contain unethical methods;
3. provide them with basic knowledge about the role of all elected positions / bodies and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in particular (including excess of powers, use of administrative resources);
4. to form a practical understanding of what the local and state budget consists of;
5. to acquaint them with the legally established methods of influencing the government and control over its actions (including submission, participation in public councils, etc.);
6. reduce aggression against officials and politicians in general, form an understanding of their important role in society, explain bureaucratic formalities;
7. encourage team building and rapprochement of members of individual communities in addressing their own issues.
We were able to select interested and motivated people (39 from the regions) to participate in the project: 31 out of 39 participants (79.49%) guaranteed their own trainings, and 7 people have already done so.
It should be noted that 16 participants of this project (41.3% of the total number of participants) are educators (school teachers, educators); 15 participants (38.46%) are public figures.
All sanitary requirements were taken into account during the implementation of the measures: trainings were conducted in large rooms at the rate of 5 meters per person, masks and antiseptics were provided free of charge.
More detailed information about the project and activities in the relevant group.
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