Advocacy activities to increase funding for the local shelter.

Sep 2018

In 2018, the Mother and Child Re-Socialization Center “New I” (for victims of domestic violence), that functions on the basis of the CO “CF “Network” in Dnipro in partnership with the CF “CA” Positive Women” in Dnipro, was left without funding.

The Center, that was funded by the UNICEF Office in Ukraine, carries out the salvation of women from domestic violence, thus filling the gap in the absence of relevant institutions provided by the legislation of Ukraine. 146 women and their children have already undergone resocialization successfully. In 2018, the Center was completely left without funding, the debt for utilities, etc. began to accumulate. At the same time, at the expense of staff members themselves and volunteers, the organization continues to help women and their children.
Our Organization together with Caritas Donetsk prepared a joint letter – an appeal to the Dnipro City Council with a request to finance the temporary place of stay for victims of domestic violence, which was placed in the Internet publication of the local media
Our organization found other organizations, that were interested in the future of this shelter, they all signed this joint letter (22 organizations signed the letter). Currently, the shelter is already planned to allocate funds, so advocacy was successful.

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