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The aims of the organization «UKRAINE NEEDS YOU» are promotion of the realization of rights and freedoms by individuals and legal entities in Ukraine, first of all, protection of rights, freedoms and interests of vulnerable parts of the population; promotion of European integration of Ukraine and adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to European Union legislation.

The Organization as a volunteer movement was founded in Donetsk in 2014. In Donetsk the movement began with the activities of Liliia Virovkina (now the Chairman of the Board) and several persons. At first, this was only voluntary and free legal aid, first and foremost, for those people who were stranded and affected by military aggression. 

The registration of the Organization was held in 2015 in Ivano-Frankivsk, where L.V. Virovkina other members had moved. 

The founders of the organization: 

Zubasheva S.V, IDP from the Crimea, who has got the title “Heroine – Mother”, given by the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 260 of May 8, 2015. She is a mother of 5 children, a mother of a disabled child (certificate no. 58 of 10.10.2014 is attached). Currently, he she left the membership of the organization

Virovkina L.V, IDP from Donetsk, a lawyer by profession. 

Shutenko Y.Y, IDP from Luhansk region, a father with many his and the adopted children. Currently, he has left the membership of the organization

We have experience in submitting grant applications and implementing projects with the assistance of international and national donors.

2021-2022 – “Everyone has to be protected” with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine. Covering the topic of domestic violence in the mass media and social networks, advocating the decision to allocate a separate room in shelters for the temporary stay of a male victim(s) of domestic violence, analytical work. $ 20,200 

2021 – “Transparent Cities: an electronic platform for the interaction of citizens and local authorities to ensure accountability and proper governance”, which is implemented by the NGO “Transparency International Ukraine” with the support of the EU (grant contract No. 2019/411-996 dated 10.12.2019). We analyzed and assessed the level of accountability of the cities of Dnipro and Kamianske. $ 2000 

2020 – Project “Two Cossacks – Three Hetmans” with the assistance of the International Renaissance Foundation (2020). The topics which are included in this are: Suffrage, State formation, Local Government, Activation of Local Communities. $ 5095.

2019 – Project “Your vote will decide everything!” in assistance with the US Embassy in Ukraine. The topics which are included in this are: Suffrage, State Formation, Local Government, Activation of local communities. $ 11534.

2018-2019 – The “PoliceLab” project with the support of ‘Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd’, undertaken in conjunction with the National Police of Ukraine, was aimed at reducing: Discrimination and Aggression between National Minorities, foreigners and locals. This project is International Technical Assistance Project, registered with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine on 14.11.2017 № 3518-01 as “Project to support the training of police RTAR”, with NGO “Ukraine needs you” being the recipient of the project. $ 2503.

2018 – Project “Ombudsmen for Women’s Rights” was implemented with the financial assistance from the Ukrainian Women’s Fund. The project included topics, but was not limited to: Increasing media coverage of gender issues, Protection of women’s rights and the current violations that exist, including domestic violence, providing women with resources and knowledge to represent their interests in the media. $ 2427.

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